It’s time to RECEIVE compliments!

There is an EPIDEMIC going on! Women everywhere are dismissing compliments giving to them… every-damn-day!!


This I still do not know the answer to. I definitely used to do that. I would barely say thank you to someone who gave me a compliment.  Years ago I decided this was rude (because that’s how it felt when I gave a genuine compliment to someone and they dismissed or ignored it).  I began to say THANK YOU and you know what…. it actually started to feel REALLY GOOD.  Today when someone gives me a compliment I LOVE IT.

I light up… WHY? Because it feels so damn good to receive a genuine compliment. It’s  a GIFT and something generous someone is giving to me.  Here’s a short video with my 2 cents on accepting compliments.

What’s your take on compliments?  Do you love them? Hate them? Feel uncomfortable? What’s your experience? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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Uggh – and that’s the TRUTH too!

Have you ever had a deep need to do SOMETHING that you couldn’t quite get right? You KNOW what you want to achieve, a knowing so deep, a need so strong, that you feel compelled to try to do that THING and yet when you sit down to do it… it just doesn’t happen?

How do you feel? Frustrated? Like a failure? As if everything is just really hard work?

Me too. And I know that this is not a good path to stay on. So, I’ve started doing 3 things that are putting me on a new path. Here’s how it is working for me. Right now. In real time.

Today, I’ve sat down at my computer 5 different times attempting to come up with SOMETHING to write to you.  Some THING that will knock your socks off!  Make you go “hmmm”.  Get you to realize something fabulous about yourself.  Some THING that will make it all SNAP into place!

In the past, I would have thrown in the towel. Now, on my new path, I am sitting down and writing to you even without a big EPIPHANY. I’m doing this because I have a deep-seated need to connect and stay connected. And I know that by not forcing myself to be brilliant, by not giving up, by not giving in, that the words will come and the message will become clear.

I’m guessing I’m not alone in my pursuit of perfection. The new path is taking me on a  journey of placation of perfection (is that even right? IDK but it just came to me so I’m keeping it in).

I used to put this pressure on myself that everything I wrote had to be perfect. That what I had to share has to be profound and REALLY matter (no pressure!).  It’s as if there is an underlying belief that what I write has to be perfect on the first draft – that I have to be perfect on the first draft. (Note to self – the definition of a first draft is exactly that a FIRST DRAFT and no one but me is expecting it to be perfect).  

LightBulbAnd, well, it does not. In fact, even the last draft, the one I send, doesn’t have to be deep and meaningful and life-altering perfection either. I don’t have any light bulb moment to share with you. I just want to connect and share an “ah ha” and touch base to check in and see how you are doing.  To say hello and let you know – this works … this shit is getting real – my life is changing and I’m loving it!

Things just seem to be getting “easier” as of late and here are the 3 THINGS that have led me to this new path:

1) SELF-LOVE: For the last 2 months ANY time I’ve felt something, anything negative or judgmental towards myself. I’ve stopped, taken a deep breath, relaxed and then said the words “I love you, I love you, I love you” to myself over and over and over and over again.  I just say “I love you” until the stress goes away. I start to feel better and the truth is I feel love for myself in the moment.  I love that!

2) SELF-CONSULTATION: Looking to my intuition for answers I am seeking when I don’t know what to do.  It’s amazing how things come through when I actually ASK and LISTEN to my intuition.  I have a few different methods of doing this, one of which I use the most. Listening to where in my body I feel a YES or a feel a NO. NO feels heavy to me and I feel it in my lower abdomen. YES feels lighter to me and I feel it in my heart to neck area.

SelfTrust3) SELF-TRUST: It’s been a long haul but I’m now trusting my intuition.  The first part was accessing it.  The second part and I think probably the most important part is the TRUSTING of it.  My intuition has my best interest at heart and when I’m acting upon it and trusting it my world seems to be accelerating in the THIS SHIT IS GETTING EASIER department.

By no means are things perfect but just by listening it’s all starting to come together.  Even writing this…. now I’m having FUN sharing whereas 30 minutes ago I was fidgeting around and avoiding sitting down and writing all because I didn’t have the perfect message, the profound insights and wasn’t sure how much I was willing to share.

A true connection works both way. I’d love to hear your “ah ha’s”.  I want to learn from you and about you. What do you want to hear?

  • What are you struggling with right now?
  • What are your hopes and dreams?
  • What’s the “ONE thing” that if you could change, your life would fall into place?
  • Are you doing what you love?
  • Are you loving what you do?
  • What ideas or nudges do you have that you are not acting upon?

My intuition (for longer than I care to admit) has been nudging me in the area of get on video’s and I haven’t.  I realized over a long time it wasn’t just procrastination or things like that, it was an unconscious fear about being seen for who I truly am.  Warts and all. I’ve heard this buzzing around the self-help industry and amongst friends.  “Afraid to be seen”. I’d love to hear from you though, what is it that’s keeping you held back?  What are you not embracing that you want to be? I’m going to stop now and make some notes for future posts (and videos) so that I can pause and learn a little bit more from you.

Please share in the comments below or (if you don’t want to share publicly) you can send a message to me directly: I’m all ears!

Much love to you,

PS: Remember you are not in this alone.  If you’d like to stay connected I have a women’s group on FB Permission to Receive™. Click Here.