I am passionate about helping women fall in love with who they are and who they are meant to be.

When someone asks me what I do for a living I share I help women come out of their spiritual closet and embrace their feminine essence. I help them to receive intuitive guidance by getting back in touch with who they truly are.  By giving themselves permission to receive their own greatness they have the ability to attract the love and universal abundance into their life that they have always craved.

Life is about falling in love with who you are!

Women come to me when they are ready to make a change and no longer want to hide who they are. They are ready to commit to their spiritual calling but may not know how. They are ready to take full ownership of their lives and ready to embark on the next journey of self-discovery.

I help them heal all of their relationships, including the most sacred relationship of them all… the one you have with yourself. The love that you have always been searching for is inside of you. The time is now to embrace it.

I myself have been on a whirlwind of a journey of self-acceptance, self-appreciation and self-awareness. It wasn’t my extremely successful career as a Business System Analyst, it wasn’t my financial success, it wasn’t my thousands of hours of education and training that helped me heal the most. It has always been my deep journey within that has allowed me to heal and become the amazing woman I am today.

They key to my journey has been in my core beliefs.


There’s no need for you to wait to have fun. Most people will ask you “What do you do for fun?”. Attempting to find out what you DO for fun or to bring you back to a childhood memory of fun and ease. But the truth is and which most people don’t understand is that your natural state of being is fun. You don’t need to go “do” things to have “fun”. You already are FUN. I love to laugh and have fun, even the hard parts of life are laugh worthy. When you work with me you can easily release years of emotional blocks by giving yourself permission to have fun during the process. It allows you to play with your inner child and enjoy the journey of learning to love yourself.


Making a big bold move is great but it does not last. Learning to love yourself starts with millimeter choices. It’s the tiniest of conscious changes that will exponentially increase the love you feel for yourself. I believe it’s not the significant things you do that changes your life, it’s the insignificant things you do on a daily bases that significantly changes your life. When you commit to healing it’s the consistent little things you do that make the largest impact of change in your life.


I help you discover what is “right” for you. The answer is within and you and you need to learn how to understand what your body, mind and soul is communicating to you. It will always tell you what is “right”. The journey is discovering your “right” and how to work with it so you can make choices that better support the life you want. When you discover your “right” then the love you feel for yourself will increase.


The answer is within yet often no one is explaining how to discover that. You seriously need to FEEL it. In order to receive more love you’ve got to FEEL it. There is no jedi mind trick, there is no mantra… you’ve just got to FEEL it in order to allow the love into your life that you have always been craving. When you allow yourself to FEEL into your body, mind and spirit everything you’ve been craving begins to flow into your life with ease.

The key to believing in myself wasn’t my professional or financial success. It wasn’t my degrees, certificates or thousands of hours of proven skills.  My willingness to be vulnerable, stop hiding and embracing my purpose stems from one and only one thing.  I had the courage to heal my heart.  This allowed me to embrace the woman inside of me.  I gave myself permission to receive all of myself which gives me the confidence to share my heart and soul with you.

Inside of you is a beautiful women beckoning your true self to emerge. There is a Feminine Essence and Goddess Warrior inside of you. No matter what your profession is, the time is now to come out of spiritual closet!  It’s time to embrace the beauty and wonder that is within yourself.  It’s time to emerge from a place of deep healing so you can BE who you were meant to BE. It’s time for you to live an authentic life full of love and abundance.

Life is a joyous beautiful journey,


It’s the insignificant things you do on a daily basis that significantly change your life!


Curios to know more?

Here’s 10 interesting things about me…

  1. I’m a huge fan of the reality TV show Survivor. I’ve applied twice to be a contestant.

2. I’ve spent hundred of hours volunteering to help teenagers via the Anthony Robbins Foundation Global Youth Leadership Summit, Girls for a Change, Children’s Health Council, Expanding Your Horizons in Science and Mathematics, Camp Okizu and Lisa Nichols Motivating the Teen Spirit.

3. I volunteered for awhile at the San Mateo County Suicide and Crisis Intervention Center Hot Line as a front line call center operator.

4. In December of 2016 I bought my 3rd car, a Subaru Forester. My first car was a yellow 1972 Volkswagen Bug. My second car was a 1996 Nissan Pathfinder, which I owned for over 20 years and 333,682 miles. I cried when I sold them both.

5. I’ve walked on fire, eaten fire and have overcome my fear of heights (mostly).

6. I still get scared when standing in a pool in 3 feet of water and someone yells “SHARK!”. Thank you Jaws for your terrifying impact on my life!

7. I climbed the corporate later from the front desk receptionist to a highly paid Business System Analyst. Every promotion I discovered I was not being equally paid or compensated as the men in equivalent positions. I had the courage to ask for this to be changed and am grateful I had mangers who saw the differences and rectified the situation every time.

8. Until two years ago I thought I was 5’ 2 ¾”… I’m not. I’m actually slightly over 5’3”. Who knew?

9. In my senior year at Hillsdale High School we won the California State Softball Championship for our division. I still remember my last at bat. I was thrown out at first.

10. I talk out loud to myself and laugh at myself daily. Often people look at me like I’m crazy but I just don’t care because I’m having FUN!


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