If you are ready to make a change and no longer want to hide who you are.
If you are ready to commit to your spiritual calling but may not know how.
If you are ready to take full ownership of your life…

Then you are READY to embark on the next journey of self-discovery.

I’d love to help!!!  I am passionate about helping women, just like you!  I will help you heal your heart by healing all of your relationships, including the most sacred relationship of them all… the one you have with yourself. The love that you have always been searching for is inside of you. The time is now to embrace it.

You can join the amazing free online community.
You can join the monthly membership program.
You can work with me one-on-one.

Whatever is RIGHT for you is where you are meant to be.


Are you ready to have some serious FUN?  Your natural state of being is fun and that’s what the Permission Membership is all about. It’s a place to take ownership of your life, learn to laugh at yourself and enjoy the journey.  I’ll be teaching my core beliefs and key distinctions. You’ll learn my process of healing so you can release the blocks that hold you back.

You’ll learn how to embrace your Feminine Essence so you can utilize the Divine Feminine within you regardless of what you do for a living.  You’ll learn how to listen to your Intuitive Guidance.  You’ll learn how to create the amazing relationships you crave in your life.  Often family energetically holds us back and you’ll learn what you need to do to release the blocks.  It’s time to embrace the Goddess Warrior inside of you and own your Spirituality.  Give yourself the gift!! Give yourself Permission to Receive ALL that you are.  The answers are inside of you.  In the amazing Permission Membership program you’ll learn how to go deep inside and feel into what is right for you.  Never again second guessing who you are.  Be who you are meant to be. The world is eagerly awaiting YOU!!

Every month there will be a theme to your healing. Each month there will be:

  • Monthly Live Group Call – will be an in depth teaching of that months theme.
  • Monthly Live Q&A Call – will be a live question and answer session on the months chosen topic.
  • Monthly Intuitive Call – will be a guided healing process to help you go deeper into your healing, spirituality and intuition.
  • Monthly Freak-Out Friday Call – will be an anything-goes call. You get to ask for help on ANYTHING you want.


“But Melissa I just want to work with you directly!”  No problem!  You can do that too.  You can receive 5 Private Intuitive Sessions at any time you’d like.  Click here.


Here’s what to expect!

January 2017 – Everything Happens For A Reason. What choices are you making on a daily basis to create what you want!
February 2017 – Your Own World. 
How other’s influence you.
March 2017 – Your Empathic Gifts. 
Taking on other people’s emotions, understand how this is influencing you.
April 2017 – Forgiveness & Release Of Emotions. Self and others forgiveness practices.
May 2017 – Self Love, Self Care. Treat yourself with the love and respect you crave.
June 2017 – Feel Rather Then Think. Feel into what you want and what is holding you back.
July 2017 – The Gift of Emotions. How to navigate the changing moods and floods of emotional love.
August 2017 – Self Pride & Recognition. Self recognition and learning to be proud of your accomplishments.
September 2017 – Sense Of Self. Learn how to treat yourself on a daily basis with love and admiration.
October 2017 – Your Needs / Their Needs. How to say yes to yourself and no to others. Putting self first.
November 2017 – Express Yourself. Learn to share your souls passion in everything you do.
December 2017 – Your Higher Purpose. Discover your truth and wisdom at a soul level.


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